Monday, January 28, 2019

Rosa M

Rosa’s large, pert breasts are bursting out of her top as she dances around the room. Showing every curve of her body and extending her legs she effortlessly holds your attention as she moves!
Pulling off her tight top, her large breasts bounce out of the bottom, her nipples pert and erect point outwards as her hands run over the soft skin around them. Turning her attention downwards she slips off her bottoms as well, revealing her full bush she starts to push her fingers deeper inside herself!

Deep fingering her hairy pussy

Pale skinned Tahlia J rubs her vulva with her headphones cable while listening to music.
She takes off her jeans, showing off her sexy bum, and opens her leg to slide her fingers inside her hairy pussy.
I love the closeups of her pretty eyes in this shot. Her eyes are so dark and powerful from a distance that you almost think they must be brown or a dark color like that, but they are not.

Scarlett D

Lifting her dress up, Scarlett reveals her perfectly pert and round bum, highlighted by her cute pink underwear.
Sitting on the sofa she opens her legs wide and exposes her pink vulva, framed by soft pubic hair that she runs her fingers through as she spreads her labia. Grabbing her small, pert breasts she pushes them together as she stares suggestively.

Facesitting Outdoors

Pressing Gala back against the fence, Yara grabs her breasts, clawing to get inside her clothes and down to her naked body.
Exploring themselves outdoors they lick, finger and grind their way to intense orgasms. Between the trees Yara presses her fingers deeper into Gala’s wetness, gripping her body she feels her tense as she reaches climax!


Hania seductively looks through her thick rimmed glasses as she runs her hands over the curves of her body.
Pulling down the top of her dress, she reveals her beautiful breasts and dark, erect nipples. Gripping them in her hands, she feels and explores herself. Showing off her petite pale body and auburn hair, Hania stands naked in the soft light of the window thinking about touching herself more. Sitting back in the armchair she opens her legs, her fingers pushing through her full bush, she presses into her wet, pink vulva and her body tenses as she feels inside herself!
I love Hania! She is so sweet! Can’t wait to see her upcoming shoots

Hania and Katherine

Pressed against one another, Hania and Katherine passionately kiss as they fervidly undress and explore every inch of the other’s body.
Katherine indulges in Hania’s petite frame, stunning pert breasts and perfect little ass as she slips off her tights and dress. Hania pushes Katherine to the window, stretches her out and then starts to move down her long legs, lustfully examining her open wet vulva before diving her tongue deep inside. They experiment with oral, tribbing and fingering as they move around all over room!


What a lovely young lady! Beautiful breasts and a charming smile. And so well photographed, too; well lit so that we can even see on her breasts the marks of her recently removed bra. And did I mention her smile?
Thank you Patricia, thank you Abby.

Anal fingering

Willa looks up at Sabina’s naked body from between her legs before pushing her fingers deep inside her wetness, feeling her body tremble above her.
Passionately kissing, Sabina and Willa embrace each other, craving to touch the other’s bare skin they fervidly remove their clothing. Pressing their breasts together, they entwine on the sofa, their hips locked together as the grind their open vulva’s together. Indulging each other in oral, fingering and a plethora of other positions they rise to hard worked orgasms.

Hairy armpits

Sultry and seductive Kyna undresses her petite body, illuminated by the cold Autumn light she exposes her large breasts, full bush and under-arm hair.
Her big green eyes look up through her curly brunette hair, her eyes locked her hands glides over her large breasts–í  towards her nipple, grabbing the skin she squeezes tightly. Her other hand grips onto her full bush as her fingers run through her long thick pubic hair hair.

Shared Knickers

Reaching around Elisa’s slender, petite body, Hania presses her fingers against Elisa’s vulva and feels her wetness as she teases Elisa before pushing her fingers inside.
Holding each other close, they explore each other’s bodies from top to bottom. Passionately kissing, they let their hands run wild, gripping and feeling. Bending over Hania’s slim body, Elisa looks up at her as she spreads her pert bum and pushes her face between Hania’s legs. Her tongue delving into Hania’s open vulva, she starts to raise her orgasm.

Rosa M

Rosa’s large, pert breasts are bursting out of her top as she dances around the room. Showing every curve of her body and extending her leg...